it’s been a bit. nothing much happens in eight months though, eh? life, death, bowling… weddings, plane rides, drinks, maybe some softball or jet skiing…maybe you saw a race car parked in front of a trailer in bradley county, or took trips to the grocery. regardless, hope you’ve been well.

great novel by matt bondurant. tells the story of a small family of moonshiners. thoroughly enjoyed it. stark, cold, interesting characters. set in appalachia. bondurant has a unique voice, made me think of faulkner, fitzgerald, and The Foxfire Guides simultaneously. last i heard, j. hillcoat and nick cave were working on a film adaptation. anyone who has seen The Proposition should feel a slight tingling in his/her loins.

THE NATIONAL – lemonworld
off of the album High Violet
good fun if you enjoy that sort of fun

the state. nice place, bit unique. desert-to-mountain transition. the mormon church/temple/tobacco outlet was a site.

MATT KING – graveyard shift
congrats all around. ronny did well.

enjoy your day

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  1. Hmmm. It’s interesting that you chose this as a topic as I was just thinking about time and its relevance. Time of the year to ponder such things I suppose.

    I disagree with you that nothing much happens over a span of eight months. Anything and everything happens over the course of so much time. It’s only when we dissect it that the events appear trivial. Ask someone who spent their weekend reading a book, going to coffee shops, running errands and visiting with friends and family what they did over the weekend, and chances are they will say “nothing”, probably because such things seem inconsequential as they are done so often. However, if you asked a person at the end of their life, what events that mattered the most, what things they will miss the most, it probably won’t be their trip to foreign lands or the fact that they graduated from some school, and got a certain degree that they mention. Nor will it be that they had a particular job, or went to a specific event. More likely it will be that they will miss lying on their couch, reading the latest adventure, having breakfast with the people they hold dear. Going on walks in the park and drinking sweat tea on the porch at night. Those inconsequential events make up the course of a life and so many of them can be had in a small amount of time.

    Great videos though, and I’ll be sure to add the book to my ever increasing TBR list.