Time moves too quick. Gotta smell the dad gum roses or the world slips by way too fast. Cleaver quips and broken sentences seems to be the norm in American culture in the year 2010. Okay, so where is ol’ Throck going with this? I have been a quiet observer of people’s behavior for as long as I can remember. People watching is somewhat a pastime often underappreciated and overlooked. The trick to good people watching is to absorb the setting and the characters within the scene, without direct contact (glare of eyes, talking or drawing any attention to yourself or your party). Try to think like your watching a T.V. show, and be sure to discover all the hidden things you may have missed had you not paid attention closely. Anyway this past week here in the “Classic City” of Athens, Ga I have some things I have to share. I was pumping gas the other day and went inside for a can of Copenhagen. (I know it’s gross so shut your mouth) I’m standing beside a glass display full of knives with dragons and half covered ladies on the knife, just waiting in line behind the two scratch off lottery players. The guys turn around and I step forward revealing the glass fantasy knife case and this is what I hear, “There that go, Oooh, tha one wit the blade like that, damn cuu I needs me that.” Now I know it doesn’t sound like that is that big of a deal but when you break it down its entirely different. First off, who sells a knife at a gas station? Let alone knives with dragons and naked women on them? Secondly, who purchases knives from gas stations? More importantly who enthusiastically wants a knife from a gas station, like they have searched the world over and found dad gum excaliber in a Chevron off Atlanta Hwy in Athens, Ga? Far be it from me to judge where and when a knife may be purchased, but I know that my good ol boy upbringing tells me two things 1) Knives from gas stations are cheap and will break easy gutting a deer, cutting boxes whatever. 2) I don’t believe a knife sold at a gas station is sold for collectors it has more cynical motives. Which brings me to the dialect used when describing said gas station weapon. I will not judge these gentleman for being of a certain class or background, I will however say that I believe the English language is falling apart so fast, that one day we will all speak a morphed language full of grunts, quips and broken incomplete sentences. Now before everyone gets all enraged and say, “Throck, I know you and your full of redneck-isms, country slang and broken Southern English.” I know, I know, but here’s the difference-I can still turn that off when I need to.(i.e. business, school, out at a resturant, etc) I long for the days where manners and correct grammer are the norm.

(Stepping down from soap box)

Okay so I bought the new Vampire Weekend album Contra. I respect the fact that they didn’t try to sound like the last album and that’s refreshing. VW’s sophmore album is good and it’s growing on me but I’m not gushing over it. The song, “Diplomat’s Son” creeps me out for some reason, but all in all its not a bad album give it a listen.
I think there was maybe too much hype regarding ‘Contra’, and that may play a factor. If you think it’s chock full of songs like “One” and “A-Punk” from the debut album you and I may not have heard the same album. Anyway at least check it out.
In other “New to me” music- Monsters of Folk
Holy spaceballs! This supergroup made up of front man Jim James from My Morning Jacket, Conor Oberest and Mike Mogis of Bright Eyes and M. Ward is a phenomal group. The self titled album-Monsters of Folk, is a splendid album full of catchy jingles, echoing vocals and solid steady rifts and falls. They blend folk music with jazz and rock and throw a dash of twang in it and it comes through the speakers like vintage homemade wine. The lyrics also showcase a storytelling ability that so many other artists lack. I don’t know what else I could say other than they are really good. Here’s some samples from this album-


Final thoughts- 1) Lane Kiffin is a tool bag while I have no soft spot for Tennessee football, they got hosed and have every right to be upset in the Vol Nation. So it is in the College Football world that the dollar has finally overtaken loyalty and pride in the schools of your choosing. I know it’s been like that for some time I just hate to see it because I am a SEC football purist. Give me Vince Dooley, Larry Munson, Johnny Majors, Shug Jordan, Johnny Vaught,Bear Bryant, Jackie Sherill, Wally Butts and some Buck Belue to Lindsey Scott any day! And shame on the national media and message boards for blasting Tennessee fans who are upset, talk about the story and what not but do we really have to degrade and name call East Tennesseeans- hillbillies, rednecks and so forth? I mean I know for a fact that is what the national media wants to portray but it’s offensive and gets my dander up faster than this guy

Till next time-
Go Dawgs
Deo Vindice

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