Happy New Year to everybody! Hope all is well with you and yours!
First off, we had a very busy Christmas and New Year so sorry for the delay in gettin’ the show on the road. Speaking of the road I envy those who don’t have divorced families for the Holidays, my wife and I both come from divorced families so when we ease into town around Christmas time it usually is a marathon with everyone vying for our attention. But I digress.
I usually cave troll on the web for new music. I spend time on Itunes, other music sites and local music mags (Flagpole and Blur) in Athens, Ga for their suggestions and opinions. I generally find that other peoples thoughts on music can be real preachy and with all do respect, wordy and full of themselves. This will be my New Year resolution- Honest opinion, no holier than thou attitude concerning anything contained in my dribble I call writing. So here’s what’s been playing in the rotatation: Maps and Atlases- These dudes are awesome. I read a music revue on these guys that called it “Math rock” (Whatever in the Hell that is), I hate math and don’t think it has any business in music so leave it the Hell alone!
The band however is great, it didn’t take me long to accept the diffrent style of bass and drums, more like electronic, but not, if that makes any sense. I first got the album ‘Tree,Swallows,Houses’ (2007)-which floored me. The spastic guitar rifts and slow interludes takes you on a voyage into the unknown and then they bring you back again. The follow-up album ‘You and Me and the Mountain’ (2008)- also delivers a steady stream of awesome. I really don’t know how in the hell I missed them Chicago boys when they first arrived in ’07.For the money-they are catchy-very talented and I can’t stop listening to them.

Maps & Atlases – Ted Zancha (Live @ AEMMP Records Industry Night 2009) from The Belmont Sessions on Vimeo.

Another band at the moment I can’t stop listening to is the new release from Dr.Dog- Fate. Solid record. Good melody, catchy lyrics, and add the piano undertones and you have one healthy ass album. Dr. Dog is growing a lot of buzz right now so I would be on the lookout for them in your area because they are really good. I would label them as rock/bluesy/folk, kind of like listening to a classic rock blended with sophisticated folky ballads.Like I said just really good music to listen to.

Alright can I just say I’m also looking forward to the new Vampire Weekend coming out January 12th? Pretty sure everybody has heard of them, so I won’t get all up in that but from what I’ve heard of ‘Contra’ it sounds like awesome music to listen to whilst drinking a cold Lone Star and grilling jalepeno poppers by a lake. Damn that was an awesome day! Here’s one of the tracks from ‘Contra’

And finally, here’s some friendly advice-If your gonna trim your beard, make sure your clippers are sound because otherwise you can go overboard and not be able to fix your mistakes and wind up cutting the whole damn thing off. R.I.P. 2009 Beard- Your 2010 counterpart is growing as fast as he can.
Random thoughts-1) Why do cats have to use a litter box? I mean all other domisticated animals can pee outside. I hate cats.
Random thought-2) Why isn’t there more taxidermy for sale on ebay? I was looking for a stuffed rattlesnake to put by our pond to keep people from fishing close to our house, I only found one and it was old and the mouth was closed. C’mon people sell me a stuffed rattlesnake!
I’m out-
Georgia Tech Sucks! Go Dawgs!
Deo Vindice

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