After reading about the recent Twitter war involving song “stealing” between Jason Isbell and Dierks Bentley (You can read about it here in detail) it just sounded all too familiar.  About this time last year Dierks released a single that sounds very similar to a Matt King tune.  It was actually brought to my attention from a big Matt King fan.  Not sure if Matt King knows about it but I am sure he would cringe if he heard the song.  The same way Jason Isbell had to when he heard Dierks Bentley’s “Home” sounding eerily similar to his own “In a Razor Town”. The odd thing about this coincidence is the Dierks song seems to take pieces from 2 of Matt’s songs.  Even the intro to the song with the creepy stuff is so similar.  Just listen to the first 10 second of each and you can already see a similarity.

Check it out and see for yourself:

I present to you exhibit “A”:  Matt King “Hardluck Road”

I present to you exhibit “B”:  Dierks Bentley “Up on The Ridge”


Now  for exhibit “C”.  After you have listened to both check out Matt King’s “Shanty Town”.  The lyrics are spoken the same way, the beat is the same and the chorus is similar.

You be the judge but I hear it.  I just had to say something after hearing the Jason Isbell and Dierks Bentley Twitter Feud.  What’s going on over at Dierks’ camp?  I don’t know who the credited writers of “Up on The Ridge” because I didn’t look them up, but I can tell you this much they without a doubt have heard Mr. King’s songs.  He has been playing them around Nashville for almost 10 years.

How many other songs are created in this fashion?  The art/craft is all these guys have.


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  4. wow. not even close. sorry matt.

  5. How can you say they aren’t the exact melodies just sped up. He’s a thief no doubt.