Don’t make ’em like they used to, eh? Find below clips and trailers from some of my favorite terrible movies. Everyone holds certain trash near and dear, so feel free to comment back and share the crap-tacular, cheesy gems from your childhood.

Pocket Ninjas

Pay close attention to the facial expressions throughout, multiple balloon fight scenes, and the poor girl in lycra that falls for the old “dollar bill blowing down the sidewalk” gag for a good minute or two. And rollerblades.


Truck Turner

Isaac Hayes, as Isaac Hayes, as a bounty hunter… or “skip chaser’. I’d never heard the phrase before….learn something new every day….


What do you do when you have funding for a teen romance but all the good settings and plot devices have been used? Throw the kids on BMX bikes and rip-off Dirty Dancing…and throw in the Illinois Nazi guy from Blues Brothers for good measure.

Howard the Duck
Even as a wee lad I remember thinking ‘How could the Star Wars guy make this?’ But now I know that ducks drink Budweiser, enjoy fornicating with humans, and that Tim Robbins is better in this than he was in Shawshank Redemption. So, my sincere thanks again Mr. Lucas.

Enjoy the weekend,


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