Enter the Void – dir. by Gaspar Noe

I am a fan of Noe’s. Pushing multiple envelopes constantly, doing things within the medium of film that few attempt. IRREVERSIBLE’ and I STAND ALONE are powerful films. i have always found Noe’s work to be blunt, in a manner of speaking. most superfluous material is stripped away. his cinematography is dizzying, literally. and he does not shy away from the graphic. visceral films, always. leave you thinking.
ETV is an experience in the same vein. the story is interesting and well told, flowing. but visually…this is in a league of its own. this may be what dying/being dead looks like. there are sequences that are just works of art, pure and simple.the flying over cityscapes, the club sequences, flashbacks, all of it. and the visuals mesh with the philosophical ruminations quite well. absorbing, beautiful stuff.
if you can track this down (ETV has been making the indie-theatre circuit for a few months now) i highly recommend it. WARNING: the film contains countless scenes with stroboscopic effects, avoid if you are prone to seizures.

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