Ahhh political discourse in America today. Parties have become similar to sports teams, and the ‘Yankees-Red Sox fan’ brand of hatred is quite visible these days.  We’ve all seen the signs, listened to the interviews, and heard the debates. People are all over television screaming at me these days; I feel as though I am watching the overly descriptive post-tornado interviews on the evening news with new subject matter. I do not own “the moral high ground”, and my logic is flawed from time to time. I thoroughly enjoy politics, political philosophy, and history. Spirited conversation is neat and fun. However, I do not enjoy being called anti-American, and I resent being sniped at from the perch of religion.

 M. Brendan Dougherty, Associate Editor of The American Conservative, wrote this piece. He is a gifted writer with a sharp mind, though I disagree with him from time to time. That being said, I think this article speaks to the problems of one party overtly, while hinting at shortcomings of the other.



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