There is no such thing as nothingness, and zero does not exist. Everything is something. Nothing is nothing.-V. Hugo

This world is a fiery conglomerate of  fuck-ups, reality television, decent people, bad pizza, shiny plastic, good bourbon, ideologues, bedazzled t-shirts, and Christmas gift cards. Strange times to be walking around, processing it all. But filling my lungs with cold air, I am happy to be alive in 2010 and wish approx. 22% of the people I come across the best. I am also happy to have an outlet through which I may air my dirty laundry, agitate, massage, placate, and skewer. I got a thesaurus and a garbage disposal for Christmas. So read on for tidbits from my worried mind, and always do what the blog says. Also, for God’s sake read a book or seven this year…and talk with an old person for an hour or so….and don’t be a dick too terribly often.                                VIVA El Trash


Relevant, I believe. Disasters took place in 2009, and who doesn’t want to murder every now and again? Tom Waits did the intro, great collection of songs

Book Cover



-I recently discovered Deer Tick. I am impressed.

-And John Prine….grew up on this guy. He wrote a song about Jesus, specifically the years in which he was MIA in the Bible.

And avoid Red Lobster…that isn’t seafood I don’t think.

Happy New Year, good luck

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